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Pembrokeshire Breeding Bird Atlas 2003-07

An update to the 1994 Birds of Pembrokeshire, covering the breeding species.

The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Pembrokeshire 2003-2007 is available as a print-on-demand publication by clicking here

"This atlas represents the first stage in the production of a new Pembrokeshire Avifauna. At the time of writing, fieldwork is on-going for the 2007-11 National Atlas, which will produce distribution maps for both summer and winter birds, together with perhaps more accurate population estimates for both seasons.

Additional information sources used in this present atlas included the annual Pembrokeshire Bird Reports, and other publications such as Birding in Pembrokeshire (Green and Roberts 2004) and these will remain important sources of information in the future.  Since 2006 the Pembrokeshire Bird Blog has provided an exciting additional forum for disseminating information about birds in the county  This source could become an important archive of anecdotal information for future publications."

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